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Certification ISO 9001 : 2015

Mission Statement

The Center for Forensic Medicine is an institute at the Medical University of Vienna, managed according to modern management methods with the following mission statement:

Forensic medicine is a science that serves people and the truth.

Forensic scientists are advocates for victims, both dead and alive.

The mission statement is realized by the employees and the management through the following principles and procedures:

  • Each member of staff contributes to the quality of service, research and teaching through their personal performance.
  • A team-oriented, rapid analysis of the causes of errors and the elimination of possible sources of error with the aim of continuous quality improvement (quality improvement and competitiveness).
  • All members of staff are committed to the economical use of the institute's material and financial resources of the institute.
  • To provide structures that support the staff in carrying out sound and the best possible investigations and that allow for continuous scientific research, education and training.
  • Providing clients with confidence in the product quality of the examinations and assessments of the Center for Forensic Medicine to clients through, e.g. through comprehensible examination methods, verifiability of individual results/test reports, etc.
  • By sharing knowledge gained from training and education as well as when problems arise in the respective areas to all employees in the context of the morning meetings and cause related.
  • By reviewing the quality policy (annually as part of the management review) and updating it as necessary.